The Valiant Warrior Project

A tribute to the heroes who sacrificed their today for our tomorrow.

With her vast exposure to the polity and strategy of many nations, Anahita felt that there is a need for civilian citizens in India to honour the brave men in Olive Green. After a careful comparison between how India looks up to its Bravehearts and how the western world pays homage to its soldiers-serving, martyred and deceased, The Valiant Warrior Project, was conceptualised to reach out to the families of serving and retired soldiers in whatever capacity possible. The main focus of this Project is to assist the Next of Kin of deceased soldiers by providing educational scholarships to their children. This will cover the entire cost of education for the whole year and the intention behind this outreach programme is to make sure that they know that the nation values the supreme sacrifice made by their husband/father.

AKF, with its data bank of families in different parts of the country, sends a birthday gift to each child whose father dedicated his life for the nation. Through The Valiant Warrior Project, AKF would like to build a soul-connect with these young children who will grow up with a strong sense of pride. A small step in nation-building, The Valiant Warrior Project is very close to our heart.

AKF is providing a mid-day meal to 30 differently abled children of serving and retired soldiers and intends to build on this association in times to come.



We believe that sending a birthday gift to the children of our deceased soldiers and martyrs is a game changer ….a nation reaching out to them through a mosaic of grateful gestures allows these children to grow into emotionally secure adults.

Help us continue to reach more children with safety, support and recovery

Every year, your generosity helps thousands of children across india recover from the trauma of abuse, neglect and family violence.

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