Rtn. AP Singh

President Rotary Association, Chandigarh

I am hugely impressed with the zeal Anahita has to serve the community at such a young age. She has the urge to make a difference in the lives of those who are not as privileged as her. The idea of giving back to the society has struck her early in her life when most of those her age are busy in making a career and service to the society is the last thing on their minds. Anahita, through her Foundation, has associated with us at Rotary Club Chandigarh to contribute in different projects. I wish her more power to give.


Resident Manager

We are extremely grateful to the Anahita Khanna Foundation for supporting the basic needs of the residents of the Senior Citizen Home Sector 15-D, Chandigarh.
All 30 of our residents are receiving a monthly care package containing items ranging from toiletries to tea , sugar etc. Anahita, not only gives packages but also spends quality time talking with the elderly, making them have a feeling of belonging.
The residents join me in wishing Anahita all the very best !

Mr Ramesh Lama

I was diagnosed with complete renal failure by the doctors in my hometown, Nepal. This is when I came to Chandigarh for my treatment and was introduced to AKF by my employer. I am extremely grateful to the foundation for their support through my dialysis and kidney transplant. The Foundation also helped me get an immediate transplant which otherwise could have taken months of waiting. Their constant followups with my health, have helped me in my recovery for which I am very thankful to the Anahita and her family.

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