Project Forget-Me-Not

Adding dignity to charity

At the twilight of their lives, our senior citizens who are left to fend for themselves, often find themselves at crossroads where neither do they have access to ample financial aid nor do they have any offspring to fulfill their emotional needs.

At this juncture, it becomes imperative for citizens to reach out to the disadvantaged elderly, not only in terms of necessitating medical care but also for providing utility items for basic daily hygiene and nutrition so that these residents do not have to look towards anyone for meeting their day to day requirements.

AKF is associated with old age homes in Chandigarh. It is our endeavour that a basic monthly kit of toiletries and eatables is delivered to each resident so that they can live in dignity.

However, as is the hallmark of AKF, we believe in spending quality time with each beneficiary. Through our perfectly synchronised projects, we spend time with these residents and add smiles and laughter to their mundane lives. Fulfilling the emotional vacuum of having been left alone -for whatever reason- is the basis of Project Forget-Me-Not.

Help us continue to reach more children with safety, support and recovery

Every year, your generosity helps thousands of children across india recover from the trauma of abuse, neglect and family violence.

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