Project Forget-Me-Not

Adding dignity to charity

At the twilight of their lives, our senior citizens who are left to fend for themselves, often find themselves at crossroads where, neither do they have access to ample financial aid nor do they have any offspring to fulfill their emotional needs.

At this juncture, it becomes imperative for citizens to reach out to the disadvantaged elderly, not only in terms of necessitating medical care but also for providing utility items for basic daily hygiene and nutrition so that these residents do not have to look towards anyone for meeting their day to day requirements.

AKF is associated with old age homes in Chandigarh. It is our endeavour that a basic monthly kit of toiletries and eatables is delivered to each resident so that they can live in dignity.

However, as is the hallmark of AKF, we believe in spending quality time with each beneficiary. Through our perfectly synchronised projects, we spend time with these residents and add smiles and laughter to their mundane lives. Fulfilling the emotional vacuum of having been left alone -for whatever reason- is the basis of  Project Forget-Me-Not.

The Valiant Warrior Project

With her vast exposure to the polity and strategy of many nations, Anahita felt that there is a need for civilian citizens in India to honour the brave men in Olive Green. After a careful comparison between how India looks up to its Bravehearts and how the western world pays homage to its soldiers-serving, martyred and deceased, The Valiant Warrior Project, was conceptualised to reach out to the families of serving and retired soldiers in whatever capacity possible. The main focus of this Project is to assist the Next of Kin of deceased soldiers by providing educational scholarships to their children. This will cover the entire cost of education for the whole year and the intention behind this outreach programme is to make sure that they know that the nation values the supreme sacrifice made by their husband/father.

AKF, with its data bank of families in different parts of the country, sends a birthday gift to each child whose father dedicated his life for the nation. Through The Valiant Warrior Project, AKF would like to build a soul-connect with these young children who will grow up with a strong sense of pride. A small step in nation-building The Valiant Warrior Project is very close to our heart.

AKF is providing a mid-day meal to 30 differently abled children of serving and retired soldiers and intends to build on this association in times to come.

Our Associations

The Anahita Khanna Foundation is honoured to be associated with the Rotary Club of Chandigarh .

With our core focus of alleviating poverty and maximising social inclusivity , AKF is supporting the well planned and comprehensive projects aimed at women empowerment and child welfare in the marginalised strata of society in the earmarked slums .

1. Project Saketri
The Rotary Club has adopted 150 slum families in Saketri .Amongst the various initiatives ,after -school educational tutoring programmes and imparting vocational skill training to the slum ladies is leading to a sustainable livlihood amongst the marginalised poor.
AKF supports Project Saketri by paying 25% of the rent for the premises where these classes are conducted .

2. The Vidya Sadan Project
The Rotary Club has over a 100 children who avail their crèche facilities and after-school classes in Bapu Dham .These children are given a mid-day meal daily .
AKF has pledged to provide monetary aid for the purchase of dry rations and perishable items required for the daily mid day meal .

3. Project Concern , a programme aimed at promoting Menstrual Health Management is being run in Saketri and in Haryana .
AKF is supporting this noble cause by providing free Sanitary towels to the beneficiaries .

Second Lease of Life

Mr Ramesh Lama (39) a driver by profession, had been diagnosed with complete renal failure.
Just when the family had given up all hope , AKF stepped in and assisted him with the best medical aid available at Post Graduate Institute of Medical Education & Research (PGIMER), Chandigarh. AKF assisted by providing for his dialysis thrice a week and partly for his kidney transplant. We also interacted with the doctors at PGI for an immediate transplant as the donor was his wife. The transplant was successfully conducted on 5th August, 2019 by renowned kidney transplant surgeon Dr Ashish Sharma and his team.

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AKF aims to continue a multi-pronged approach to alleviating the vicious cycle of poverty and social taboos amongst the underserved sections of society.