The Covid-19 pandemic has struck the world order with a body blow like maybe never before. Mankind has been inflicted with the devastation of both life and livelihood. The poor and the downtrodden have witnessed severe stress just short of their annihilation. Thus, the needs and requirements of containment pockets in Chandigarh need our attention.

AKF, along with the members of the Rotary Club of Chandigarh visited the office headquarters of Mr Sanjay Baniwal (DGP, UT) and delivered 3200 packets of sanitary napkins to be distributed in the containment area of Bapu Dham. They were graciously accepted by the DGP personally. The UT Police was a facilitator in delivering the sanitary napkins to the areas where the help was required.

(L-R) Ms Anahita Khanna, PP Neena Singh, Mr Sanjay Baniwal (DGP, UT), President Mrs Surinder Kaur, Mrs Abha Joshi Sharma

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