Who We Are

We are a Chandigarh based foundation with a pan-India presence. Our priority is to support a plethora of social and humanitarian causes that require citizen involvement either by providing the necessary material aid or by curating and facilitating special projects to reach out to those in need. Our key focus areas are women empowerment and breaking social taboos through meticulous and professional programs in the field of menstrual hygiene management, outreach programs to express our gratitude to the armed forces and improving the quality of the life for the increasing population of the disadvantaged elderly.

Our Mission

The most precious gift that one can give to anyone is time.
AKF aims to continue a multi-pronged approach to alleviating the vicious cycle of poverty and social taboos amongst the underserved sections of society.
By partnering with established humanitarian organizations and professionals who understand the social hierarchies of these sections of our society, we pledge to encourage women and children to get rid of regressive patriarchal mindsets and educate them to embrace their woman hood and thereby take the first step towards social inclusion by breaking the glass ceiling.

“We rise by lifting others “-nothing can be more apt for the AKF programmes for the elderly. We aim to look after not just the basic and material needs of these forgotten souls but also sensitise children and society at large about the mental well-being of the residents of old age homes.
Honouring and remembering the military personnel who gave their today for our tomorrow, AKF pays homage to these brave hearts through initiatives which have been especially designed for the families of our soldiers.

The underlying binding factor for all our initiatives is to touch lives not merely by providing financial support but by ensuring that we transform lives by providing emotional support and form a personal connect with each of those individuals.

Get in Touch

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