Anahita Khanna

The young and dynamic Anahita Khanna , a Chandigarh girl and a student of Jai Hind College, Mumbai , grew up in a family where non-profit leadership and volunteerism were a part of her daily life .Imbued with a sense of responsibility , Anahita decided to step out of the cocoon of her comfort zone to infuse fresh dynamism into those causes that she truly believed in .
Deeply influenced by great thinkers and philosophers, the one quote that she closely relates to her life is “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”

Anahita was always an academic achiever who has been involved in assisting her father in his business. Her keen business acumen, high emotional quotient and unparalled ingenuity at strategizing sound methodologies for ensuring the highest standards, earned her the reputation of being a leader who her peer group and subordinates looked upto.

Post her move to Mumbai, Anahita realised the need for smaller towns to encourage citizen partnership in the sectors which were functioning under non-governmental organisations.It was here that she decided to be the change that she wanted to see and made her very successful foray into community building initiatives on her young but capable shoulders. With the formation of the Chandigarh based Trust, Anahita Khanna Foundation, her quintessential positivity, her core strength of compassion and integrity, her poise and confidence to guide the Foundation through relevant and noteworthy associations, Anahita is truly the touchstone representative of the youth of today.

For Anahita, just giving gifts and assisting the needy financially is never enough. Thus, each of the causes that she is associated with is always complemented by a human touch-her personal involvement, her follow-up of each case and her careful whetting of each connect, forms the hallmark of what AKF is truly representative of.

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